Continuous learning.


Creating many, many hours of video content was very expensive. Well, now its not!


You can learn whatever you want. Whenever you want.

There are a variety of options when it comes to marketing tactics, but one of the best investments isn’t in social media, billboards, or websites, but instead in education. Many companies take advantage of education to teach customers about their products and to keep customers coming back for more with great success.

Using video as a tool to supplement and scale corporate employee training programs is no longer a new idea.

Today video training has the  endorsement of Fortune 100 blue chips like IBM and Microsoft. It has the research-driven support of leading analysts at Forrester, Bersin, and Gartner. It even has the full adoption of the Learning & Development industry — more than a few of the world’s leading L&D associations include video as a core facet of their own member training, onboarding, promotion, and communications.

Technological change demands stronger and more continuous connections between education and employment. – The Economist


Repetitive delivery to many different batches of learners

The trainer can save on expensive delivery time and just focus on creating continuous training material.

Customer Education

They say “Education is the best Marketing”.
If your company has a national presence or global presence then educating customers through online content can increase customer loyalty and retention.

Not all companies have Trainers

Reduce costs by hiring a trainer, and then recording and producing a bunch of training content to train your employees. This serves you well for a few years till new information updates are required.

Supplementary online education channels

This is best for educational institutes and universities wanting to reduce load on their teachers. An enormous amount of video education and information can be provided to students online, so teachers can thus focus on the most important parts.


They say that “the money is in the list”. Online subscription based educational channels gather prospective customer data. And since the company has provided many hours of education, they are perceived as benefactors, leading to sales and retention.

Improve the onboarding process

No matter who they are or how much experience they may have, every new hire will need time to get up to speed. While no two positions will require exactly the same onboarding process, video training can help make the learning curve more manageable for everyone.A well-planned onboarding video library can help you share much more information with your new team members than would be possible face-to-face, including cultural introductions, company tours, and organizational overviews.

Provide coaching for new management

More and more businesses are recognizing the impact of proper management training, adding new programs, mentorship opportunities, and coaching processes each year. But in an era where managers are more pressed for time than ever before, many organizations are finding that video can help ensure new managers get the opportunity to fully experience an organization’s management training. Supporting management training with video allows new managers to view each training course when it fits into their schedules, helping them take time to really engage with the content and better understand it. And with video, managers can instantly replay segments should they want to review a point for clarification. Video has even proven to be a valuable tool for traditional management training efforts as well.

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