The Process

Save costs on video for education and training.

No postproduction is the best postproduction.

Your workforce needs video-based training.
The only problem is – it takes a lot of time and effort to produce. This increases costs.
Our process of live editing allows us to cut down on production time and get your videos out faster.Thus reducing the production costs to a fraction.

At every stage, you see exactly what is being produced, how it looks and sounds – you rehearse, redo and get the best results.
It’s best suited to produce a lot of content really quickly for education and training purpose.
It could be presenter/trainer driven, news-style  shows, panel discussions, presentations and demonstrations.


TV technologies and processes for corporate training and education.
Reduces cost. Reduces time. Increases engagement.

Think about the normal film process. There is a script to be written based on the normal corporate film process.
A voice-over with a hundred things to show, which have to be shot separately and then brought into the editing table to be edited together.
Very time consuming and expensive for training and educational media. Imagine producing fifty hours of training content using this process.


Our simple process – for cost-savings


Planning the structure.
Step One.

This is where we discuss the details of the project.

1. The subject or subjects.
2. Lessons/modules to be covered in point form.
3. The duration of the training in hours.
4. Identifying the expert presenter or trainer.
5. Identifying the PPTs that need to be shown( existing or new).
6. The pictures and videos that need to be shown.
7. Existing or simply shot on mobile phones as clips.
8. The fixed setting at our studio.
9. Will the presenter be sitting or standing?
10. The mode of delivery.
11. How much practice/rehearsal is needed.
12. What additional help is required to refine the content.
And so. on….

Recording. Production.
Step Two.

We use multiple cameras, LED screens, switchers, lighting, and attractive setting to produce the digital recording.

1. The results are instant.
2. You can rehearse till you are confident.
3. An eight hour day produces about two hours of finished recording.
4. Pictures, PPTs, videos are previously prepared andarranged.
5. Its like a live performance.
6. Its very quick and low-cost.
7. It has impact and engages audiences.

Video delivery.
Step Three.

It depends on how you want to deliver the training.

1. Small workforce – group viewing on TV in-house.
2. Or online viewing of protected assets on computer or mobile.

We optimize and encode the assets at no extra-charge.
If you need an online delivery platform with protected access, then we do it for a small additional charge using ready platforms.
If you need a full-blown learning management system online, then we have over five years of experience in that.

Save costs on video for education and training.


  • Cost savings 50% 50%
  • Time savings 40% 40%

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