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Video for Education and Training

Video is the most powerful medium for education and training.
A completely new process and technology, now, makes it very quick, and cost-effective.

Discuss. Show. Explain. Demonstrate. Clarify.

When an employee is recruited by a company, there are processes to explain, procedures to clarify or simple tips and best practices to share. In a larger organizations, there is a huge demand for seamless training. Among different training formats, video has been found to be the most effective format. That is why training videos are preferred by most of the companies. Unlike heavy text manuals or multi-session workshops, videos can be shared extensively, shown repeatedly to multiple groups of audiences, all with the same result, better understanding and retention. The usage of video for education and training is endless. Educate and train employees, develop skills or awareness on safety, use it for communications or HR, use it for motivation or productivity training.

TV technologies and processes for corporate training and education. Reduces cost. Reduces time. Increases engagement.

Works on all mobile devices.

The videos work on all phones – android or IOS. So your audience can refresh their training and learning anywhere. You can protect your videos for only specific workforce delivery or allow everyone to access it. For information retention and as a quick reference, it is always better to ensure group viewing and also allow the viewers to access the material on their mobile devices on demand. The ‘flipped classroom’ method recommends individual viewing on personal devices and then group discussions and participation with the trainer/teacher to clarify all doubts.

Works on all screens. For group training.

3 Step production process

The cost and time savings, in our method of producing video for education and training, comes from the rapid newsroom and talkshow Television production process.

Planning the structure

This can be done with one meeting, online or offline and then through email. We plan out the structure of the training, visuals or videos and presentations to be shown, the length of the modules etc. With the assistance of a subject expert the process is quick.

Set-up and production

This is done in a studio setting with one or two rehearsals. We use three to four cameras pointed to different subjects like trainers, LED TV, paper sketches and whatever else is necessary. The live switchers switch between the cameras and produce the recorded media instantly.

Digital delivery

Distribution can be done through simple online downloads or ready platforms that allow the videos to be protected and delivered with authenticated credentials. The platforms are inexpensive. For group delivery , simple usb media drives connected to TV produce excellent results.

Fast. Good quality. Low-cost.

Use the most powerful medium at a fraction of the normal costs.

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